Scammed by Food Prices

Food Prices

Scammed By Food Prices

There is an article in the New York Times about how the American public is being scammed again. This time it has to do with food prices. I am not permitted to print the article for you therefore if you want to read it you can do so by clicking here to read

What the article is telling us is that food prices are being increased in a sly fashion. You may have already noticed that packages of food are getting smaller while the price remains the same or in some cases increases. This is similar to the old shell game in the carnivals.

They are telling us the the American public is too dumb or complacent to react. It is the same game that our politicians play. Give it a new coat of paint and the public will never know. They are telling us that the American people are too dumb to understand or too complacent to react.

There are ways to compensate. Purchase by unit price, not by brand. Join with family or neighbors and buy large containers from warehouse and then split as needed. Grow some of your own vegetables.





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