Gnarly Old Tree Holds Secrets

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Gnarly Tree Dan Valley Dot Com 1Today was a very nice fall day…One of those days where a long sleeve shirt was very comfortable with out the need of a jacket.

I decided to walk for about an hour in the woods. There is something about spending time in the woods that is so relaxing for me. Maybe there is something in my “genes”.

My family has lived in these woods for over 200 years.

I found this gnarly old tree while walking. As many times as I have walked through these woods, I do not remember seeing this old tree before. It seemed so out of place but at the same time seemed to be in control. .

Gnarly Tree Dam Valley Dot Com2 The base tree is ancient and worn out. There are big holes in the tree where it has rotted and hollowed out….but at the same time there is new growth coming from the base root area.

Actually new growth has sprung from this old tree on two separate occasions. To the right is an outgrowth of about 8 inches in diameter…..Then around the base is a few outgrowths of about 2 inches diameter. That makes for three generations of life.

This old tree does not give up. This old tree has lived on my land for who knows how long. It is a mystery to me that I do not remember seeing it before. Maybe this gnarly old tree holds secrets.

The tree is dying and at the same time is trying to replenish life in the woods. Maybe this old tree is my map of life.