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  • Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry County. It was named for John Stokes, an American Revolutionary War captain severely wounded when British Colonel Banastre Tarleton’s cavalry practically destroyed Col. Abraham Buford’s Virginia regiment in the Waxhaws region in 1780. After the war, Captain Stokes was appointed a judge of the United States district court for North Carolina. In 1849 the southern half of Stokes County became Forsyth County. Read More At .. Wikipedia ..
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  • The Dan River is a very important part of the makeup and history of Stokes County. Danbury, the county seat is obviously named after the river and Stokes County is where the Dan River makes its first entry into the state of North Carolina.
  • Stokes County is located in northwest North Carolina and is considered to be part of the Piedmont Plateau. The Sauratown Mountains rise from the southwest edge of the County, and run northeast for over half the width of the County.

    The Sauratown Mountains were named for the Saura Indians, a tribe that inhabited this area during the second century.

  • Stokes County 1789 is a short but very comprehensive history of Stokes County published by the John Locke Foundation.
  • Read more about .. Stokes County .. , its people and history here. This is an official site for Stokes County
  • This is link to the web site of the Stokes County Historical Society. This site is an ongoing project and new/updated items are added from time to time, so BOOKMARK us and stop by often. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your visit. The Stokes County Historical Society was established in 1968 to preserve the history of Stokes County in the State of North Carolina.
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