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The Dan Valley/Dan River Basin is not an overly large area. Actually it is comprised of about 3300 square miles. The basin is about twice the size of Yosemite National Park in California. The area is somewhat mountainous, lots of rolling hills and has an abundant water supply with many rivers and lakes. The terrain is wooded and dotted by small farms.

The valley is populated by folks of German, Irish and Scotch decent. Generally the residents are hard working, patriotic and loyal to each other.

Over the years the residents have made a living off of the land. Most have been, and a lot still are, small farmers. Farming is a tough way to make a living so as the population grows the younger folks tend to commute to the surrounding cities for jobs.

The Dan Valley lies between four large metropolitan areas of North Carolina and Virginia. In North Carolina it is the Piedmont Triad … composed of Greensboro,Winston Salem and High Point … and the Research Triangle which is composed of Raleigh,Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary. In Virginia there is the Roanoke/Salem area and the Richmond area. These metro areas have a combined population in excess of 5 million people.

In the middle of all of this is the Dan Valley/Dan River Basin with a few thousand hard working folks who would like to join their neighbors in the 21st century. Maybe you should look at this area as a place to locate your business and a place to raise your family.

Danville, Va is the largest city in the Dan Valley. Other towns are Martinsville, Va, South Boston, Va, Madison, NC, and Eden, NC. For years, the largest industries were agriculture, furniture and textiles. Today the employment situation is in transition.


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