Priddy’s General Store

Priddy’s is a journey you’ll never forget. Lulled by the peaceful setting it will get into your very being, often beckoning you back to visit a spell…

It’s all here, waiting for you to take a trip down memory lane, where old times are never forgotten. Priddy’s is where you can forget the mad rush; Where time stands still. Where you can slowly peruse the things of the past, letting your mouth water at the sight of homemade jams, jellies, baked goods, old fashioned candies..

Priddy General Store 2
Priddy’s General Store has been an important part of the Danbury community for as long as most local old timers can remember. In 1888 the building was built by the Hartman Family, and in 1929 N.D. and Lula Priddy purchased the building and opened “N.D. Priddy Grocery”. Their son J. Elwood and his wife Pat took over the store in 1960. Since 1999 (after Elwood Priddy’s death) Jane Priddy Charleville manages the store for her mother, Pat. Jane is the 3rd generation Priddy to operate the store with continuing the old traditions and maintaining the rustic atmosphere.

They look forward to you stopping by and taking a step back in time and enjoy the good ole days.

2121 Sheppard Mill Rd Danbury, NC 27016

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Today, I had the opportunity to personally visit Priddy’s General Store. It was everything that write ups and verbal descriptions said it was and more. A couple of cousins and I were meeting in Danbury and decided since it was lunch time the Priddy’s store might be a good place to start. The staff prepared home made sandwiches and served cold drinks…..the kind in glass bottles and a knock off top…..Real sodas.

Priddy General Store 3

My sandwich was honey mustard bread, a slice of bologna, a slice of American cheese and a slice of onion accompanied by an ice cold Dr. Pepper. The sandwich was custom made and…yes….I did order it just as described. The ambiance was great, the service was great and the food was great……..If you are in the Danbury area, I highly recommend a visit to Priddy’s General Store.

Priddy’s General Store

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