Mayo River State Park

Mayo River State Park is a state park located in Rockingham and Henry Counties in North Carolina. The park is currently in its development phase, with plans to eventually offer hiking, paddling, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational opportunities on the Mayo River. The park consists of over 2,200 acres of land along the scenic Mayo River corridor, providing a natural and peaceful setting for visitors to enjoy.

Although the park is still in the early stages of development, visitors can still explore the area and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mayo River. The park is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in a pristine natural environment and participate in recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, birdwatching, and more.

Falls Creek Falls Mayo river state park

This picture is of the Falls Creek Falls. Falls Creek is a tributary of the Mayo River. The falls is accessible and is on the park grounds. There is a gravel parking lot and then a short walk along the trail to the actual falls. The view is worth the effort.

The rapids can be accessed by way of Anglin Mill Road. Turn onto a dirt road to the south named Old Anglin Loop which is a dead end road. It leads down to the rapids.

The Falls Creek Falls can be accessed off of Deshoza Road. Deshoza Road is county road #1360. It intersects Anglin Mill Road beside the Stoneville Fire Station.

As the park continues to develop, additional amenities and facilities are expected to be added, making Mayo River State Park an even more popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

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