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For The People

We are close to losing the America we love. Washington’s agenda seems to be determined to weaken our nation’s ability to defend and support itself. The progress made in racial relations is being destroyed through the encouragement of class division. Those who provide private sector jobs are heading toward higher taxation which equals fewer jobs created. We become more deeply indebted to foreign countries every day. Our senior citizens are having to choose between medications, food, and basic comforts because the money that should be provided to help them is being wasted on empty government buildings, lavish government functions, failing solar businesses, on and on. Coal plants which provide nearly half of our electricity are closing because they can’t afford to meet the regulations set by the government. The Keystone Pipeline would have created 1000’s of jobs but was blocked by the White House. Our soldiers are not receiving the support they need and the administration bows to foreign leaders and apologizes for America.

Use your own judgement to decide where this country is being led. I have never seen a time like this when our college children are hopeless about the future in our country. If you have not registered to vote, you still can. Please rally your eligible children, friends, and family to stand up and vote this November. We gave the President and his Democratic Senate a chance, but it’s time to hand over the reigns to the experienced Romney/Ryan team. If you won’t be available to vote on election day, plan to go to early voting or request an absentee ballot.

I beg of you – please help us take America back.

This was written by my friend C. M. Peacock 8/15/12

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