Dodgetown Store

Dodgetown was only a few miles down the road from where I grew up. As a youngster, this was forbidden territory for me. I was told that this was sin city because there was drinking and fighting here on Saturday nights. As to how true, I really don’t know. All of the stories were hersay to me because I was no allowed near the place.

There is probably some truth to the stories. Some old timers, when asked will rub their chins……and slowly say…..”Yeah. Dodgetown did have a reputation”…..

Dodgetown warehouse

The upper picture was the main store and the next picture was warehouse building…so I have been told. I met the lady, who at the time owned both buildings. She confirmed that there were some good time had in Dodgetown during the 40’s, 50’s and probably in the 60’s.

dodgetown cemetary

Ironically, across the road is a cemetery. As you can tell, it is old. Many of the head stones are broken and reinforced by steel frames. I think that some of the residents are distant relatives of mine.

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