Southport, NC

Saturday morning……My wife and I decided to get away for the day. Together we through out the names of a few places within day trip distance. Some of the choices were little Washington, New Bern, Wrightsville Beach and Beaufort. Most of these places had been the target of past trips.

Then my wife suggested Southport. Southport is near Wilmington…about 3 hours from our home……Southport is our target for the day……

We quickly packed some snacks and hit the road. A couple of hours out my wife said “Aren’t we close to the winery?” The winery being “Duplin Winery” in Rose Hill, N. C.. Of course, who am I to argue so my answer was “Yes dear. Shall we stop for a sampling?” My wife… soul mate,…can sniff out a winery from a hundred miles away. Her answer was “Do you really need an answer?”…. Just coincidence the next exit was to the Duplin Winery and that gives me fodder for another story. This one is for Southport.southport 3

Southport is south of Wilmington and adjacent to the mouth of the Cape Fear River. This area is most noted for being near Brunswick, which was one of the very early English settlements. Also, Black Beard was known to drop in from time to time……….. Today Southport is known for being the home of the Brunswick Nuclear Plant. Southport is also near Oak Island and Bald Head Island which are summer home and beach cottage areas.

We drove into town in the early after noon expecting to find an abundance of tourist. To our surprise there was only a smattering of tourist in town. A few folks were fishing from the piers and others were walking along the water front. Some shops were open for business but even those seemed inpatient to close by mid-afternoon. Southport on this day was the definition of a “sleepy town”.

I am sure that during the summer there is more activity. Southport is the supply center for the vacationers who own or rent cottages and condos on Oak Island and Topsail Beach.southport 2
Southport has some very beautiful older homes that are well maintained and are on the historic register. I have attached a photo of some. these homes are facing the water front of which you can see in the middle picture.

Of course, we explored the thrift shops and actually found a couple of very interesting pieces of china which we have displayed in our online shop Carolina China Collections.

We enjoyed our visit, had some good food and just chilled a bit.




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