New Bern North Carolina

The Historic City Of New Bern

My wife and I needed to go to the New Bern North Carolina area to check on some merchandise for one of our e-commerce sites, Carolina China. New Bern is a very pretty town with unbelievable history. This is one of the oldest cities in the United States, dating back to the colonial days. It was also the capital of North Carolina at that time.

I was having some troubles with my camera on this day and only got a couple of pictures. The upper picture is a view looking north on one of the downtown streets and the lower picture is a view looking at one of the pubs. You can get the drift about the pirate theme.

Black Beard married a lady from the general area and actually tried going straight. He became a North Carolina gentleman farmer for a period of time. The story goes that the governor of North Carolina at the time, Governor Tryon, and Black Beard were buddies. Rumors are that Black Beard tied his ship up to the docks on the Trent River, directly behind the Governors Palace and the Gov and Black Beard dinned and drank to each others health in the Palace.

New Bern is a recommended place to have a relaxing fun type week end and a place to see a number of restored historical homes and to catch up on your early American history. The Governors Place, named Tryon Palace, has been restored and is a great example of colonial architecture. It is open for tours.

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