My Pentagon Hat

My Pentagon Hat

Generally I am not a collector of memorabilia, but sometimes there are special happenings in my life that I make more of an effort not to forget. my pentagon hat - danvalley dot com Some little possession relating to the happening can be as good as a recording in bringing the memories back into focus. In this case that possession is a cap…..some of us call it a baseball cap…….It has nothing to do with baseball other than the basic design originated as a baseball cap.

This possession with its memories embedded is a Department of Defense “Pentagon” cap. My “Pentagon Cap” was obtained during one of my visits to the Pentagon. I was told by a sales clerk that the merchandise is exclusive to this shop. The shop is officially known as “Fort America At The Pentagon”. I have since discovered that Fort America has an online store, therefore one does not need to make a personal visit to the Pentagon to purchase a cap like the one that I have. ….Shop on line…..

My visit to the Pentagon was inspiring. If the opportunity arises for a visit……please take advantage. You will probably get to see only a small part, but it is worth the time and effort. It is really like a city……

I walked the corridors….Just being in this sprawling complex is awesome, but to walk in the area where the plane hit and to be in the same place where all of those folks were suddenly killed is emotionally moving. I understand that a 9/11 Memorial has been constructed outside of the Pentagon and adjacent to the area that was struck by the terrorists on September 11, 2001, and is open to the public 24 hours per day.

I walked the corridors……There were groups of visitors being escorted along the same corridors that I walked. Some were obviously non-Americans and some seemed to be groups of business men. They were well dressed, wearing business suits or their native attire and some were dressed in foreign military uniforms. As I said before……All groups were escorted. There was a military guard in the front and in the rear of each group…..I mean rifle carrying American soldiers……Members of these groups were constantly sandwiched between the guards and not allowed to roam freely. Just seeing this was intimidating.

I visited the room where all of the congressional medal of honor winners are honored. The walls are lined with plaques and names of those who gave so much. They gave without being asked…because it was the thing to do at the time.

I was asked to participate as a spectator in a ceremony honoring some of the returnees from Iraq. These were young men who had been wounded while serving their country. This was a scene that will be burned in my mind forever……I saw the effects of war……Missing legs..Missing arms….Both legs….Both arms….The amazing thing is that all of these young soldiers, with their horrific injuries that must be carried for a life time, were smiling……

The least that I can do is to wear “My Pentagon Hat” on special occasions to proclaim my admiration for those who serve. …….July 4th is a special occasion……

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