Meadows Of Dan

Sunday Afternoon At Meadows of Dan, Va

— Spur of the moment is a very good way to make travel plans and that is what my wife and I did on Sunday afternoon. A one hour ride into the Blue Ridge Mountains and we felt one step closer to total comfort and satisfaction when we arrived at Meadows of Dan, Va.
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Meadows of Dan is a highway stop at the intersection of Virginia US-58 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. This community is comprised of a few tourist stores which sell the normal "goodies" along with fresh fruits and vegetables which are grown locally, along with a couple of gas stations, a fire station and a couple of "country cookin" restaurants……….

About a half mile north, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, from Meadows of Dan is a place named Mabry Mill. Here is the home of a grist mill from the early days and is probably one of the most photographed buildings in the world. The likeness of this mill is on millions of calendars, plates, nicknacks, and other paraphernalia.

There is also a replica of a settler home, a working black smith shop and other displays of historic mountain life. The grounds are beautiful and very well groomed.

During the summer months local musicians gather to have jam sessions playing and singing traditional mountain and Irish music. This Sunday was no exception. There was guitar, banjo, "bull" base and mandolin.
Also there were a few sheets of plywood laid on the grass to create a dance floor. Have you ever seen folks from an audience move to the dance floor to do impromptu "clogging" and "flat footing"????…………

All that I can say is WOW……………………and America is still alive.

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