Madison High School Class 59 Reunion

Saturday afternoon, Nov 21, 2015…Madison High School Class 59 Reunion was held at the Hillbilly Hideaway Restaurant near Walnut Cove, NC.

It was nice to see old friends and talk about old times. The amazing thing is that this group of old timers could even remember going to high school much less remember such minute details…….Some of it should not be remembered.

HillBilly Hideaway Dan Valley Dot Com About 24 of our original class or 52 members were present. Some were absent due to other conflicts and some live in far away lands like California and Rhode Island and could not justify the long travel time. They missed out of the fun and games and some interesting conversations.

Several of us have birthdays in the month of November…So of course we sang happy birthday to all. Actually, I thought that it was interesting that about 20% of those present had November birthdays….This batch of November birthdays all began the first grade when they were only 5 years old…..Appears that rules were bent early in our lives.

We plan to meet each year until there is no one left.

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Another bit of information is that our class was the last graduating class from the original Madison High School. All classes thereafter graduated from the consolidated high school.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet…… The Madison High School was located in the town of Madison, NC “

Madison High School Class 59 Reunion



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  • November 22, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Was a great get together though small group! Everyone enjoyed the food and hearing some good tales that had taken place earlier. I think our class is one of the few that have remained close & in touch with most of our classmates. Feels like an extended family! Was good to see you & Patsy!

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