Friendship is a thing of importance.

It is a shame that we do not learn the importance of some things until life is nearly over. We as humans, generally do not like being alone, but friendship remains a mystery to some of us.

I recently had an experience that will hopefully be life changing……..that is after I finish analyzing it…… Maybe that is a part of the problem…..Too much analyzing and not enough of "go with the flow". My education has taught me to analyze everything. My childhood environment taught me not to depend on anyone else and not to trust anyone that I had not known for at least three generations.. Put these together and it is difficult to have real friendships.

woods friendship

My "friend"………..I will call him "Friend" for the remainder of this ramble…….

Let me back up a little………About three years ago there was a business meeting at my friends home. I was in attendance along with a few other folks. We were all feeling each other out to determine if there was potential for future business ventures. Although we did have some electronic communication previously, this was our first face to face meeting. He seemed genuine while my feelings about myself was that I was a little stiff and standoffish.

We both had opportunity to attend a trade show twice after our first meeting. At the first trade show my friend introduced me to a number of people in our business. These introductions were priceless.

In early May of this year, I needed to be in Baltimore for a few days and Baltimore is where my friend lived at the time. Through the electronic communications networks, I informed him that I would be visiting and that we should have lunch. He readily agreed……………..

I settled into my hotel in Baltimore and called my Friend. He sets a time for us to meet the next morning and tells me that we will "hang out" for a few hours and that he will show me the Inner Harbor………….A few hours?? This man is busy, how does he have time to spend a few hours with me.

We met about 11:00 AM……sat on the retaining wall in front of the USS Constellation, which is anchored in the harbor, and talked. We had lunch and talked……..We had a couple of beers and talked.

friendship 1

We walked and talked…….You might think that we talked business. Well we did some of that, but we talked like two old friends sitting out by the fish pond. Finally we decided to tour the USS Constellation. Fifteen years in Baltimore and he had never made the tour. Of course, I had never been on the ship either. So like two old codgers, we purchased tickets and spent a couple of hours climbing through the ship and having fun like two old codger friends.

Day is over……Night fall……..The old codgers need to call it a day. To my surprise, my "friend" said that he had such a wonderful time today "Why don’t we continue tomorrow"? I beamed an answer of "Why not? I am game if you are".

I know that he is a busy man and I really felt guilty about taking up so much of his time. My "friend" gave me almost two days of his time…….Time is another of those very important items….

Thank you "My Friend" for two of the most enjoyable days in my life.

My "friend" is Bill.






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