Christmas Eve Annapolis Maryland

Today, I am in Annapolis, Maryland with my sidekick (wife). It is Christmas Eve and the temperature is 73 degrees (F). It is “HOT”.

Today’s trip is for a pre-scheduled luncheon at the Annapolis Yacht Club. This luncheon was not about yachting or boating of any sort. I am not a sailor, but have acquaintances who are serious about this activity. My wife and I were hosted by a board member of the Annapolis Yacht Club. I was not aware that this acquaintance held such a position…..Surprise for me. Wow.

Now to drop the bombshell ……another surprise? The Annapolis Yacht Club burned a few days ago and the building was rendered useless therefore our great lunch was in a restaurant next door to the Yacht Club. The fire was caused by a Christmas tree

Annapolis is a beautiful city with lots of good restaurants. The town is abundant in history. I highly recommend a trip to Annapolis.

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