Chateau Morrisette Floyd Virginia

It is a nice summer day in Meadows of Dan, Virginia …. Perfect weather for sitting outside, sipping a little wine, listening to some 60’s music and enjoying the company of my wife. This calls for a visit to Chateau Morrisette in Meadows of Dan, Virginia …. Actually I think that Chateau Morrisette has an address of Floyd, Virginia. Chateau Morrisette Floyd Virginia Dan Valley Dot Com 1

Chateau Morrisette is one of our favorite places to visit for a day trip get-a-way. The weather is usually very good and the wines are excellent. On Sunday afternoons, there is usually a band playing some music. The type of music varies but I have never heard a bad band playing this stage.

With it’s location in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the scenery near the winery is always just wonderful … Spring … Summer … Fall.

Chateau Morrisette Floyd Virginia

The tasting is 10 bucks for each person and consists of a sampling of 10 different wines. The wines are made on site and start with a dry red and move to a very sweet white. All of their wines are not included in the tastings. For a taste of the premium wines there is additional cost. I did not taste the premiums because a sample of 10 wines is my limit for the day.

Chateau Morrisette Floyd Virginia Dan Valley Dot Com 4

As I said before, Sunday afternoon is the time for music. Chateau Morrisette has a large tent set up with a stage at one end. A limited number of table and chairs are furnished, but I would suggest that you bring your own chair if you wish to find a seat.

Folks sit around and sip wine, which was purchased on site, and snack on cheese and crackers. Some bring their own snacks, but cheese trays and limited sandwiches can be purchase on site. The band plays and plays and the folks drink wine and talk. Chateau Morrisette Floyd Virginia Dan Valley Dot Com 4 It is amazing that the longer the band plays and the more wine that is consumed … The louder the buzz of conversation becomes … I assume that this attests to how good the wine is.

On this Sunday, the band was named Rag Tops and consisted of a husband and wife team. My wife and I listened to the wonderful music for 2 1/2 hours and during that time the band did not take a break … They played continuously.

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