Charlotte In August

Charlotte….Queen City of the South

.I lived here for a few years in what seems like a life time ago. This city is perpetually changing. When I lived here the metro population was about 400,000. Now it is nearly 2 1/2 million……Lots of changes. Metro light rail system…..Sky scrapers up to 60 stories tall…..NFL foot ball team….NBA basket ball team……Triple A baseball team……..Essentially this city is the center of NASCAR activity…..

I have watched the growth over the years and I am amazed. Generally my visits are for the day….either driving through on the way elsewhere or occasionally I am there for a business meeting. In August of 2011, I had need to spend a couple of days. My wife and I chose to stay at the University Hilton.

Just happens that a little league football tournament was happening at the same time and of course….they stayed at the Hilton….All of them….Multitudes of 10 to 12 year olds…..and parents……Kids need to raise their parents better…..Parents can get out of hand when their children are members of a sports team. That is another story.

The Hilton is situated in a commercially developed area near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It is on the WT Harris Boulevard just off of North Tryon and a few miles from the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The grounds are beautiful. A lake is located to the rear of the hotel with a shopping area on the opposite side. There are a couple of pedestrian bridges across the lake and a board walk on each side of the lake. This is perfect for afternoon or early evening strolls. Feed the ducks relax.



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