Charlotte Friday Afternoon

Above is a view of the skyline of up town Charlotte, NC. This photo was taken from the 17th floor of my hotel on McDowell Street.

I lived here several years ago for about 10 years. Of all the towns in which I have lived, Charlotte was the most fun and most memorable. At the time Charlotte was the largest city in North Carolina, but the population was only 201,000. The city was a hotbed of business activity. Seems to me that every one, from ordinary citizens to the mega-rich, had the understanding and attitude that Charlotte would be a great city.

Charlotte Friday Afternoon Nascar Museum Dan Valley Dot Com

Today the skyline that you see is part of a city of 900,000 residents and 2 1/2 million in the metropolitan area.

I am still infatuated with this town. My purpose for being in Charlotte today was to attend a wedding … My step son to my new step daughter … They are a perfect match. The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Someone commented that the crowd of attendees was very interesting … I think that they are all very interesting as they were friends and family of both the bride and groom. Maybe the crowd was interesting because the guest came from far and wide. New Orleans … Florida … San Diego … Salt Lake City … Washington, DC … Atlanta, Ga … Birmingham, AL … Charleston, SC … Vancouver, Canada … Durham, NC and other places

This is Charlotte …. Charlotte draws strength and life from all over.

  • I could live here again.
  • Charlotte Friday Afternoon. It is a good day for a wedding.



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