Car Vandalism

Car Vandalism While Traveling

Back in June of 2009, I had a business appointment in downtown Atlanta. My wife decided to go along with me and the two of us have a couple of days of rest and relaxation in the big city. Oh well,,,,,,,,,,,as most of you know the best laid plans don’t always work out.

We found a place to park the car in the parking garage that was suggested by my business associates. This parking garage was located across the street from the office where my meeting was to take place. So far….so good……This business meeting was expected to be short so my wife decided to walk with me. We were gone from the car for a couple of hours.

Back to the car……..Some of you already know what we found……….Broken glass…..2 lap tops and a jacket were missing. It appears that the thief was in a hurry because he/she left behind a third laptop, my brief case and a digital camera.

A call to 911……I was put on hold for about 15 minutes……….Finally a very nice policeman arrived. He was very professional and understanding of our situation………….After the normal "Hello’s and How are you today?" his next comment was….."Oh, this is my second one today. The other was a car just like yours, except a different color".

woods-Car1 pictAs we were finishing giving the nice policeman all of the details the person who was parked next to us arrived to get his car………….His words were….."Oh, they got yours today, I see."

Well. my wife and I see also. The one thing that we do see is that next business meeting will not take place in downtown Atlanta. We did not expect vandalism in a public parking garage with a live person attendant.

Although we had a terrible experience on this trip, we have had several fun experiences in Atlanta…… the burbs…..not in the downtown area.

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