Birmingham Alabama is a city being reborn

This was my first trip to Birmingham. Since I was a kid, I have heard stories about Birmingham, so I was expecting to see a southern version of a big rust belt city at it’s worst. What I found was a pleasant surprise. I saw a center city that had almost disappeared over the years….A city core of industrial plants that had rotted away. A few skeletons remained, but there was an area of open ground. Grass grew amid remnants of brick foundations and the grass for the most part was trimmed… a park or playground.

woods- birmingham 2At the center of this was a beautiful downtown business district that was being reborn….Tall buildings in all of their shinny splendoralong the tree lined streets. A city core that had sprouted from the seeds of decay. A city center that looked alive again.

woods- birmingham 3

From an amateur archeologist point of view, the rebirth of Birmingham is very interesting. One can visualize a large blighted area and a seed at the center which sprouts into a new downtown core. In a circle around the core the old structures are demolished over time and the cleared area is planted with grass. As the center core expands the older buildings farther out are demolished and the city center grows outward. A perfect vision of evolution.


The University Of Alabama At Birmingham is located obviously in Birmingham. The very pretty campus is located in the downtown area just outside the main business district.


Birmingham has always been the leading industrial city of the South. In the past it was a leading steel city, rivaling Pittsburg.

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