Anniversary of 9/11

Anniversary of 9/11
We are again oberserving the anniversary of 9/11. It is hard to believe that it has been fourteen years. Time heals all wounds, so I have been told. The passage of time helps us to forget some things that we want to forget and that sometimes we should not forget. This event is one of those things that should not be forgotten.
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Time can erase the memories but it can not erase the changes. I can talk politics until I am blue in the face and it will not affect a thing. Life in America will never be the same. We have a generation of youngsters who were too young at the time to remember or were not born yet. All they will know about 9/11 is what they read about or see reported on television.

This generation and future generations will never know what American was like before this event.

Many of us have personal connections to the events of that day. As a younger man, I had the good fortune of getting a contract to perform some work on a small portion of the The World Trade Center Twin Towers. That contract was a conversation piece for me ever since. I had bragging rights in the construction industry………..Then I watched on television as the buildings collapsed….with all of those souls inside.

My good friend, Colonel Mary Martin, was an eyewitness to the Pentagon crash. She was walking across the parking lot as the plane flew overhead. The deadly crash and explosion happened in front of her eyes. Colonel Martin has been interviewed by several TV news people but there is one interview that I would suggest all to watch. It is long…but it is worth the time.

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Here are videos of four people and there experiences with PTSD. These are military personel. Only Mary had the personal experience of the tragic 9/11 happening.
Colonel Mary Martin, USAF Retired
Staff Sergeant Arthur Jefferson, US Army Retired
Staff Sergeant Stacy Pearsall, USAF Retired
Dr. Ron Acierno, R.H. Johnson VA Hospital



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